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I have never been gullible, in fact I am skeptical about supposed events related to higher forces, but out-of-body experiences, not necessarily near-death experiences, have become part of my life. It will be a coincidence but it happens to me especially when I am in Italy. Absolutely these are not magical abilities or anything like that, they are simply situations that anyone could find themselves in depending on the sensitivity of the person.

There are those who speak of precise techniques but, in my case, they are some spontaneous out-of-body experiences, which occur in moments of tranquility, rest and when the mind is able to free itself from the negative thoughts that crowd in the periods of life in which you have had to cope with difficult times. This is how it happened to me, like the last one a few days ago.

A difficult year, characterized by the loss of my mother to whom I was, and am, very attached. Now without parents, as happens to everyone who bereaves, I have lived through a difficult period, another one. In light of my previous experiences, I knew that sooner or later it would happen to me again.

At around 8 pm, after a day of work and meetings both online and in person, finally a shower and a little rest. Lying on my sofa at home, the TV on and a feeling of peace and well-being with my small dog by my side. A sweet lightness pervades my body but, suddenly, I hear noises and I feel a presence at the door of the house. I get up and as I walk towards the door I feel the sensation of floating and moving and those I do are not steps, but energetic movements without any effort. I think: “here, again it's happening to me” but this time the sensation is pleasant, I'm not afraid, it seems to sway, to accelerate the movement I instinctively move my arms as if they were the oars of a boat floating on the sea. My feet don't touch the floor.

I try to grab the door handle to open it, I know there is someone important on the other side. I can't grasp the handle because my hand is inconsistent and the door is physical, but I can see through and it's my parents looking at me smiling. "Hi mom, hi dad" I say, I would like to open that door but it is impossible, then with a floating movement I go to the next room and I think that maybe it will be easier for them to get close to me. Unfortunately, that door also needs to be opened and I have the same problem. I am alive and conscious without my physical body that I see beyond, lying on the sofa and my face is relaxed, serene and awake.

I understand that it is not possible to open doors in that situation but my heart fills with joy for having seen and heard my parents who, once again, proved to be present despite death.

This is not just an act of a screenplay, but a true life beyond life experience. On this occasion I was not asleep, as has happened to me on other occasions. It left me with serenity and the awareness that there is something beyond death. As an actor I have played psychological roles that have always given me emotions, and I think I know the boundary between reality and fiction. The so-called out-of-body astral travel is clearly a reality that fascinates cinema. My next role? It can be and in that case I'll be able to draw on my real experience.

The famous playwright Pedro Calderón de la Barca used to say that "life is a dream", but even the dream, especially when awake, is certainly the other life, the one after death.

I don't do it constantly but every now and then I start looking for those who have had similar experiences and surfing the internet I came across a book that intrigued me.

“Journeys out the bodies” by  Robert A. Monroe

The description of which is as follows:

The O.O.B.E. (out-of-body experiences) are a universal human event, not in the sense that they happen to large numbers of people, but because they have happened throughout history that we know of, and there are definite similarities in these experiences among people who under every other aspect is very different in cultural formation. You can hear testimonials from O.O.B.E. by housewives from Kansas quite similar to ancient Egyptian stories or oriental sources. The O.O.B.E. it is generally one of the most profound experiences in a person's life, and it radically changes what he or she believes in. The subject knows that he has directly experienced how one can be alive and conscious without one's physical body, and therefore knows that he has some kind of soul that will survive the death of the body. The book is the story of the out-of-body experiences that the author has had during his life. The text reports experiences, techniques and methodology to allow everyone to learn and have this extraordinary experience”.

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