marzo 12, 2022


Nobody should ever speak in favor of this monster. Unless ignorance and mental rubbish allow you to reason.

I am incredulous that some people of Romanian origin, residing in Italy (few actually) are speaking out not only in favor of Putin's Russia but, even, declare that they were fine with Nicolae Ceaușescu. Shocking for me, but also for the majority of Romanians who instead condemn Putin's Russian invasion and remember the Romanian dictator as the worst period of their life.

I carried out my very private investigation through the Romanian community in Piedmont and a mediation center to understand what was the motivation for these questionable statements that cannot be traced back to a sort of Stockholm Syndrome.

Nothing new has emerged, but I take for granted the statement of a Romanian woman now established in Italy, who answered my question like this: Why are there some Romanians who support Putin?

P: I know, there are also Romanians who are on the side of the genocide and this makes me angry that you can't imagine. These individuals are exactly the same as the crazy heads who want the return of a duce. They are usually the very ignorant ones who may be suffering from mental disorders or frustrated people.

They are the same ones who regret the Ceaușescu regime.

Many are the faults, on all sides, certainly. The horror and carnage carried out by Vladimir Putin is equal to that of Hitler.

I didn't believe in demons, but history contradicts me. Putin is one of them. Everything else is ignorance because there will be neither losers nor winners. Like always.

A careful eye on the interns of the atrocious genocidal art around the world. Latin America is also full of them. An example? Nicolás Maduro, today in talks with the United States.

Cosmo de la Fuente

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