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Knowledge of the actor's art made enormous progress in the twentieth century, especially thanks to artist-researchers such as Konstantin Stanislavskij (1863-1938) and Jerzy Grotowski (1933-1999), who were able to combine field work and theoretical reflection. In reality, however, I believe that there is no real scientific system and even less that we can be satisfied with the knowledge acquired: the art of the actor will always remain in part an impracticable mystery in terms of conceptual synthesis. The scholar or student can truly understand something only by becoming practitioners; and every actor, even if he can benefit from some knowledge that is now a common heritage, must each time start from scratch and root the stage art in the historical and cultural circumstances in which he operates. The same thing goes for those who try their hand at teaching acting. The actor's instinct, the so-called vocation, is in the DNA.

With Stanislavski, acting took on a new way. Where previously we mainly dealt with the expressive codes of the actor, the profession and his secrets in the framework of a theater based on the primacy of texts and contents, Stanislavskij set out to translate the secret of great actors into scientific truths, into method, placing the emphasis on internal, psychophysiological and "spiritual" (mental) processes. All this starting from purely subjective motivations.

Although it is not a rule, there are many actors and actresses who are born and achieve success even if self-taught. As with music, acting can also be a talent that you have from birth.

The actor's "coach" could take over when the artist has already started his professional career and the skill of the teacher, paradoxically draws from the student and is able to bring out the sensitivity and predisposition he has been gifted with since birth a real actor.

Personally, I have never fossilized myself using a specific method although I attended courses at the academy in Venezuela immediately after my first jobs, but also privately with master directors and screenwriters.

However, the method from which I draw is Stanislavskij who is the most famous one.

My advice: search inside yourself!

Cosmo de la Fuente


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