mayo 13, 2015

Venezuela needs help! The Government kills the people

#‎Venezuela‬: The government attacks the people, the news does not have the facts because they are not allowed. We need help! We need the world to know that we need help now!. We need the world to help us immediately! This is a real dictatorship, we are afraid. Our rights are not respected, please help!. The government is against us, using the armed forces against us and seek to silence him before the world. We need help from the rest of the world, I say once more. We have evidence of the attacks from the government, as we repressed, people are dying, people fight each other and the government does nothing but attack us. We want the world to know to help us as much as possible, people are dying and we have no weapons and no rights to be respected by the government ...
And now ‪#‎FAO‬ congratulates those who are destroying a whole country and its young people!! So bad, now, is the economy that the government has deployed the military -- the military -- to ensure that anxious, hungry and needy citizens don't over-indulge at stores (when they actually have merchandise and food, which is increasingly rare). A combination of economic factors has all contributed to Venezuela's disintegration -- a lack of foreign capital and declining oil prices among them -- but the country's socialist economic policies are at the root of every problem.
Customers struggled and fought for items at times, with many trying to skip lines. The most sought-after products included detergent, with customers waiting in line for two to three hours to buy a maximum of two bags. A security guard asked that photos of empty shelves not be taken. [emphasis added]

And police officers stationed inside a Luvebras supermarket in the same part of the city took part in helping store staff distribute toilet paper and additional products.
"You can't find anything, I've spent 15 days looking for diapers," Jean Paul Mate, a meat vendor, told Bloomberg outside the Luvebras store. "You have to take off work to look for products. I go to at least five stores a day."
"This is the worst it has ever been -- I've seen lines thousands of people long," Greisly Jarpe, a 42-year-old data analyst, said while waiting for dish soap in eastern Caracas. "People are so desperate they're sleeping in the lines." And FAO accepts to give an award to Maduro? Corruption.
‪#‎sosVenezuela‬ ‪#‎HumaRights‬ Violated evety day, every hour, every minute.
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