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Two different languages, two different ways of acting for great emotions.

Acting comes from the theater and cinema is the son of this form of art, it cannot be denied, although the form changes, the purpose is the same: to fascinate, entertain and excite the viewer.

The voice, mimicry and accentuated movements characterize the performances of the theatrical actor, who directly addresses a "live" and present audience.

From this point of view, the film actor is favored by the mediation of the camera, the technology behind the making of a film. The camera can in fact go into detail, enhance a feature of the actor's body or face, for artistic purposes desired by the director. A close-up look can take the place of a sentence and express great meaning.

The spontaneity and credibility of film acting requires strong identification and concentration so long as the film actor works in a set, surrounded by people and technicians, in a noisy and constantly moving environment.

In the cinema, the scenes do not follow the order of the screenplay, they do not follow the temporal succession of the story. It may happen that an actor has to first record the final scene and then the opening one. This implies having to identify with the part at any moment of the plot, passing from the smile quickly making the character interpreted believable.

The method that applies perfectly to both theatrical and cinematographic acting, in my opinion, is that of Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavskij, the so-called Stanislavskij method, based on the psychological deepening of the character and on the search for affinity between the inner world of the character and the of the actor. It is based on the externalization of inner emotions through their interpretation and elaboration on an intimate level.

You study acting but you can also learn the art of acting in the field, working with good and intelligent directors, but I am convinced that the most appreciated actors are from birth, bearers of very specific characteristics and natural abilities, such as that of surprising the audience giving the best part of themselves in the interpretation of a character.

We will continue to talk about it.

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