Who am I (English)

My name is Carlos Gulli, however, in the artistic, cultural and informative environment I am known as Cosmo de la Fuente. I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela up until the age of 13 where I attended elementary and middle school in Spanish as well as Italian. During these years my understanding and knowledge of Venezuelan folklore and culture overfilled my heart up to a point where now a days I feel equally part of two nations: Italy and Venezuela.

            When my father decided to return to his country of origin and take us along with him we moved to the city of Turin in Italy, where I adapted to the new environment and continued my high school education;obtaining my diploma with an expertise in electronics. Sub-sequentially I pursued my studies at the University, graduating in Foreign Languages and Literature of English and Spanish. Following this I also graduated in Modern Languages and Literature with a Masters in Italian Linguistics and Teaching of Foreigners, where I obtained the maximum score.

            Throughout the years I have harvested my artistic passion towards music, singing and theatrics. During one of these participations an artistic agent took note of me and eventually I was hired by a recording studio where I successfully recorded many songs in LP and CD, some of which had high success and recognition. Later on, other recording studios recognized my work and also became interested in hiring me.

            I participated in many festivals, demonstrations and television programs which allowed me to realize and get to know the grand public. Doing so I carried out more than 60 songs as well as performed the part of several characters in a television series and movie. All the hard work and dedication was recognized in several Italian newspapers and publishing; I have collected more than 100 articles that have expressed my dedication. I have also specialized in voiceovers and narrations, providing my voice for advertisement and documentaries, one of which was dedicated towards the life of Father Juan Pablo II.
            Another grand success arrived in my life when I dedicated time towards written communication. Lately I have invested my time writing articles, a book and presenting television transmissions of important Italian events in the hour of major attendance. This past September of 2015 I was the host for the Viva Venezuela festival in Houston, and in the following October of 2015 again I was the host for the La Chinita de Roma festival. With frequency I have been invited to Italy’s television programs as artist and presenter relating to subjects of social interest in my country Venezuela. I have revealed and shown Italians and Europeans not only the actuality but also the culture, history, music, culinary traditions, folklore and beauties of Venezuela.

            Through my ability and activity as teacher and communicator of languages towards foreigners, associated with my artistic qualities, I have been allowed the opportunity to greatly express myself to my followers and readers. I have a group of loyal readers throughout social media that has expanded to approximately 10 million in these past 10 years. This attention is directed towards channels that include everything I produce in audio and video. I have worked in Turin’s University press office as agent of publicity, and amongst other things, organized the delivery of Mario Vargas’ Grand Honor Nobel Prize in 2014. I have also contributed towards the recognition of democracy and equality and catalyzed individuals towards workmanship, charity gestures, and helping those in need.

Having obtained this grand success, which is continuously growing and advancing everyday, is in part due to the general public and social sectors. These tests have been the result of my optimal experience and ability of communication in any sector in which I may be exposed to, let that be artistic or writing. As I conclude this letter I would like to mention that I am currently in the process of writing my second book, which will be published late 2016, in Italian, Spanish and English. Cosmo de la Fuente is a synonym for success, communication, exposure of thoughts, curiosity and prospective ideas for all.

I love you my brothers